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The Art of Gerald Fauntroy

A Newspaper clipping of Gerald Fauntroy painting.

Beachum, Lateshia. “A celebration of the District's most vibrant artisians” The Washington Post , 20 Aug. 2023, Metro p. C.

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Welcome to Space Cadet, my complete artistic vison (Gerald Fauntroy). As a contemporary artist I merge art, fashion, and storytelling under one all-encompassing name-- Space Cadet.  I was born and raised in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. As an artist I strive to inspire and connect with people through my unorthodox and eclectic artwork. Each piece of clothing reflects my love for challenging normative fashion and exploring the coalescence of various artistic mediums.

          My slogan "See You Out There", is a challenge to you. Go further. Go faster. Explore. Evolve. Strive to be the hero of your own story.

The Artistic Ride of a Lifetime


The Trials of Atlas Comic Book

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